Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I love bikes. To me cycling is more than just a sport, it's a way of life. When I buy new gear, I know where the stuff comes from, who made it, how they made it. The NAHBS is a big deal to me, the bikes/gear they make are so much more than just stuff. When I look at the bikes, I see sweat, blood, love and passion.

A few years back, after getting my main bike stolen, with a second child on its way, living paycheck to paycheck, busted leg (that's another story), I did what all cyclist do and ordered a brand new bike. It couldn't be any old bike. Still in mourning over the loss of my old one, I decided to get a custom Ti frame. I had been dreaming of a custom made frame for a long time and of course always lusted over the wonder material that is titanium.

I started my research on the NAHBS site. There's no better resource when it comes to custom bikes and gear. With so many builders to choose from, it's almost overwhelming. In the end, I decided to go with Strong Frames

Now it was time to call, place the order and save a spot in the queue. Working on the design with Carl Strong was fairly easy: he gives you homework, than patiently looks over all the details with you. The whole order process made it fairly easy.

Over the next few weeks we worked together on the design, and six months later, it was done. Here are a few pictures of my frame being built that Carl took along the way.


  1. +1 for the demotivator poster on the wall!!

    despair.com for the win

    Nice bike, btw...

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