Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bionicon Chain Guide

I haven't posted in a while now, been riding/working a lot...Last Saturday I participated in the biggest mountain bike marathon race here. The Test of Metal in Squamish, BC is the most popular race this part of the world. What makes it so much fun are the crowds and volunteers; such a good vibe.
This year the weather was bad! I mean really bad. So much stuff on my bike got trashed. One part that got damaged was a brand new Bionicon chain guide. It's a really cool little thing and works really well. When I first got it, I noticed two things I didn't like.One, was the piece of plastic it came with, used to attach the guide to the chainstay; and two, the two-piece plastic guide. Have no fear, I fixed it and made it better. Check out these pics of my wonder work!
***Edit: Not for sale, just made it for fun. But thanks for the interest!***
MTBR thread here
Custom machined brass hinge

Heat shrink on plastic guide


  1. About how much would one of those cost to make or buy the guide itself is already expensive, I saw room for improvement but no avail.

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