Monday, January 14, 2013

Gone Skiing!

First post of the year, and after two weeks away visiting family back East, I’m back and ready to shred! But not on the bike; skiing is where it’s at these days. So yesterday I was up early, heading to the hills at dawn. Not having access to the car, on the motorbike I went.

After a short ride, I was at the trail head where I started the hike up: 45 minutes of hiking with a 50 pound pack. It was a bit of a grunt.

Finally, snow! On went the skis and skins, and with that, off went the weight from my back…now that was a lot better.

Arrived at the top, with total climbing time of around 2 hours. It was now time to relax, have a quick snack, check out the views and get ready for the ride down. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning. All that and I still made it home in time for lunch. 

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