Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fissile overnighter

A few emails back and forth and voila, a trip!

Nick- want to do something next weekend if the weather is good? was thinking an overnight around garabaldi glacier just past elfin. it would be good fun and not to long, just one night. I cant talk about this stuff anymore, just need to do something, anything...

N- fuck me I cant sleep... Was thinking we could do fissile as well. ski the resort until ~2pm then go set up camp, have some beers, sleep, then lap a few runs in the morning. what do you think?

Luke- Next weekend forecast is looking still good to go?Fissile or somewhere else?

N- yes, so in to it! but Chantal reminded me that we have a b day party for one of my god children... would I be an ass if I skipped it? If I cant, I'm bringing the girls up saturday to whistler while she gets the party set up at home.

L-When's the party? Maybe we should try go Friday/Saturday? Back Saturday arvo.. No if you have to skip no worries, they're forecasting a small amount of snow only thu/fri, fissile is awesome skiing, but if it's dust on crust or ice it won't be.. We're getting it somewhere this season, even if we have to drive further!

N- I like that. can you take friday off? party saturday night.

N- so you think you can pull friday off? if weather is decent I'm game for fissile. sun is setting late now!!! btw mec gave me new boots!

L- Im still trying to work out Friday, they aren't calling for much snow (trace), im pretty sure all the north facing ski lines would be icey? So a trace on ice...  Am I thinking about it too much?! It's a perfect spot though to camp and ski.  And theres a hut there (Russet Lake).  Nice one on your boots! I didn't see the Freedoms version in the store but it looks like you can get them online, which ones did they swap you for?

N- same boots but the new walk/ski mechanism is much beefier now. tell you the truth I don't care much about the skiing (well I do but...) I just want nights under the stars surrounded by mountains. we could ski the resort friday then go in the afternoon.

L- Ok, youre right.  Same! Ill get it sorted tonight, I reckon we could bring beer to.  Ill probably have to take the kids to school Friday and then we could head after.  Good on your boots.

N- all good. you have the tent? food I figure just freeze dry super and breakfast with some snacks should do. I have stove and small pot, should be all we need. talk to you later.

L- Sounds good, yep I have tent. Theres a cabin there to!

N- I'm going to mec after work to pick up food and fuel. do you need anything? any food you want? I'm getting lasagna for supper and eggs for breakfast. Not the best but it's easy and all you need is a spoon and water.

L- Thanks, thatd be great, I cant get there today.  Ill have the same as you!  (Food is all I need)

Now here's a few pictures.

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